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Inspired by the Reggio Emilia philosophy, Tiny Planet’s mission is to promote the potential of all children by surrounding them with an appropriate caring environment. Children will develop their emotional, social, cognitive and physical skills while attending their families needs. They will emerge as socially, capable and creative individuals who love learning.


High quality early childhood programs depend on a strong partnership between teachers and parents. This partnership must be based on respect, trust and the understanding that the child’s development will be greater when we work together as a community for the well being of the children.

Tiny Planet Preschool has designed a program that enables all children to enhance their self-esteem and positive feelings towards learning. We encourage social awareness, acceptance and respect. Education at Tiny Planet is focused on contributing to the child’s well-rounded development. This includes independent, critical thinking and decision making, as well as learning how to apply team ideas and development to their daily lives in order to ensure they will grow to be great, influencing citizens of the world.

Faculty and Staff

Our teachers are professional educators that meet or exceed the criteria set by the Department of Children and Families.

Our teachers are trained in CPR and are First Aid certified.

They are also recognized by the State of Florida as Early Childhood instructors.

All of our staff members have cleared background screening in both national and local levels. They are dedicated, passionate and most importantly, are focused on stimulating the strengths of every student.

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