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Following the “Reggio Emilia” philosophy, the architecture and the space are the most important part for Tiny, our facilities are considered as innovative and the best in town; every space it’s perfectly planned to offer comfort for our students and every colour of our classrooms invite the children to play and be curious.

We take special care in aesthetics and we make sure that small groups of children have 1 teacher to ensure the best development. We promote integral development by giving them different kinds of materials

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At Tiny Planet, we embrace technology, and the ability to use it, as a necessary skill to develop for the twenty first century. Our school is equipped with state of the art technology in every classroom. Teachers incorporate the use of Mac computers, I pads, digital cameras and Apple Smart TVs to support the learning and research going on in each of the classrooms. We realize that modeling the proper use of technology will benefit the children in their future endeavors.

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